Starting School as a New Entrant

Please let the school know about children likely to start as a 5 year old as soon as practicable. This information influences the class structure we run and allows us to plan for roll growth. You are welcome to make an appointment to chat with the Principal and we encourage you to make use of the playground during weekends, school holidays and after school so your child becomes accustomed to the school environment.


Once the school has your enrolment form, the new entrant teacher will contact you to arrange some transition pre-entry visits, approximately six -seven weeks before your child is due to start school.  To learn more about the enrolment process or if you would just like to chat about any concerns you may have, please phone the school office on 318 3713 or email: karen@sheffieldprimary.school.nz 

Enrolment Zone

In order to avoid overcrowding, or the likelihood of overcrowding, the board of Sheffield Contributing School has adopted an enrolment scheme which has been approved by the Ministry of Education. Under this scheme, students will be enrolled if they live within the home zone described below: 

Please click here for more information about Out of Zone enrolments. 

• South-West along the Southern side of Keens Rd until Tramway Rd 

• South –East on Tramway Rd until McCurdys Rd 

• South-West on McCurdys Rd until Dalethorpe Rd 

• West on Dalethorpe Rd until Wyndale Rd (Including until the end of Dalethorpe Rd, and Bell Hill Rd) 

• South on Wyndale Rd until Pig Saddle Rd (including land parcels bounded by Pig Saddle Rd, Dalethorpe Rd and Selwyn River) 

• South on Pig Saddle Rd, until Waianiwaniwa Rd 

• East on Waianiwaniwa Rd until Malvern Hills Rd 

• South on Malvern Hills Rd until Auchenflower Rd (including up to 488 Malvern Hills Rd and Bush Gully Rd) 

• East on Auchenflower Rd until Bleakhouse Rd (including down to 152 Deans Rd, down to 637 Cullens Rd and Gunns Rd) 

• North-East on the Northern side of Bleakhouse Rd until Redmonds Rd 

• North-East on Redmonds Rd until Old West Coast Rd (Bordering the Waimakariri River) 

• From Old West Coast Rd goes along the Southern bank of the Waimakariri River until online with Keens Rd (just before 308 and 400 Keens Rd). 

The enrolment of out of zone students is governed by the provisions of the Education Act 1989. The enrolment scheme, which includes a precise description and map of the home zone, may be viewed at the school office where copies of the scheme are also available. The Enrolment Zone is effective from 31 January 2018.