Annual Donation

In New Zealand, we are told we have a ‘free education system’. Whilst in theory that sounds amazing, in reality, schools rely significantly on families’ contributions to enable them to offer a rich and broad curriculum to students.

We acknowledge these contributions have an impact on your family’s finances and really appreciate your help in funding your children’s education.

In 2019 the government brought in a new scheme that gave Decile 1-7 schools the option of receiving an additional $150 per student from the government, provided the school did not ask whānau for any additional donations (apart from overnight camps). The government believes that Decile 8-10 schools are able to raise these funds from their local community. We are a Decile 9 school. 

Accounts are sent out at the start of the Term 2 and as appropriate throughout the year. 

Our School fees for 2024:

One child: $80.00 

Family: $150.00

You can pay in full, in installments, or set up a regular automatic payment which would need to be:

Sheffield Primary School Westpac Bank

03 1583 0024577 00