The school uniform is compulsory, and all students are expected to wear the official school uniform to school. Please put your child’s first name and surname on all school clothing in case it gets lost.

These can be ordered online by clicking here, or by visiting NZ 

Uniforms at: 455 Blenheim Road, Christchurch.


Navy/jade sports top or jade polo top with our logo/school name.

(most children are wearing the sport's top)

Navy blue shorts/track pants/skorts:

Navy blue school jersey

Navy blue hat: during terms 1 and 4. 

Yellow high-vis vest for outings. 

Black, navy blue or white socks 

Shoes suitable for running, jumping etc.

You may have noticed in some photos our children are not wearing school uniform. We take every opportunity to dress up at school during mufti days for fun. 

Please ensure all items are named clearly before starting school.